Charlotte’s Angel CBD

Charlotte’s Angel CBD

Charlotte’s Angel is a CBD weed strain celebrated for its elevated CBD levels, coupled with minimal THC. The strain pays homage to Charlotte Figi, a young girl whose narrative played a pivotal role in bringing CBD into the spotlight for medical applications.

Boasting an impressive CBD content ranging from 15% to 20% and THC levels below 1%, Charlotte’s Angel emerges as a therapeutic powerhouse. This makes it a favored option for those seeking the potential health advantages of CBD, steering clear of the mind-altering highs often associated with other strains.

Charlotte’s Angel Genetics

Charlotte’s angel’s parents are Dutch Charlotte and Red Angel

Charlotte’s Angel Cannabinoids

Depending on the phenotype

THC content:

Below 1% 

CBD content:

ranging from 15% to 20%

MEB content:

about 1%

Charlotte’s Angel strain

Mandarin Cookies is slightly sativa-dominant 

Charlotte’s Angel Terpene Profile

Dominant terpene:


Other terpenes:

Myrcene, Limonene

Charlotte’s Angel Aroma

Herbal with pine and diesel 

Charlotte’s Angel Flavors

Citrus, pepper, Diesel

Charlotte’s Angel Positive Effects

Relaxation and stress relief, mood enhancement

Charlotte’s Angel Negative Effects:

Dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness

Charlotte’s Angel Medical Uses:

Depression, stress, pain

Charlotte’s Angel Non-medical or recreational use:

Dealing with stress, anxiety and pain

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