Get Directions To The Best Weed Shops Bangkok & Koh Samui

Is there a dispensary near me? Yes, Siam Green Cannabis Co. is a weed shop chain that offers
the best quality cannabis products in Bangkok and Koh Samui.
It has four locations in the Sukhumvit, Chinatown, and Chaweng areas,
each featuring exclusive lounges! THC & CBD, flowers, gummies, and oils all included!

Phrom Phong, Sukhumvit (Bangkok)

Siam Green's flagship store opened in January 2023 and is located right next to the Phrom Phong BTS station. The shop is in very close proximity to the Emporium and EmQuartier malls which are great attractions with a huge range of cuisine, clothing and more.

Sitting in the heart of Sukhumvit main road the iconic BTS train line provides urban scenery, and shade, for the classic Bangkok vendors and restaurants surrounding the store. It really is a classic Bangkok experience. Also, directly above the dispensary is Birdies, a gourmet fried chicken restaurant for some convenient munchies.

This store paved the way for the iconic slick and refined interior design our brand has. The store has become a favourite for lovers of high-quality cannabis and world-class service. Whether they are locals or travellers, there is a growing PP community where budtenders greet customers by name and remember their tastes.

The lounge upstairs offers a chill social experience with your flower, and there is even a private room for smaller more intimate groups or for some peaceful solo reflection. Customers can also ring a bell for table service when they are in the lounge. There is also very strong free wifi throughout the shop and the high quality sound system will bring a groovy vibe wherever you go, our carefully curated playlist alone brings people back, sometimes from across the globe!. We also love to promote cannabis art and there are some lovely colourful paintings of plants at their finest, just opposite the stairs to the lounge.

The cannabis, like in all our branches, is stored in custom humidity and temperature control units that keeps the bud at optimum freshness. This is overseen in all stores by our company weed expert for the highest possible standard. .

Nana, Sukhumvit (Bangkok)

In September 2023, we opened our branch in Nana area right next to Korea town and nearby Terminal 21 and Asoke BTS. Korea town has a host of Korean restaurants with a wide open space to browse and relax. Just near by is Nana Plaza, a very popular tourist attraction. Terminal 21 is a very well equipped shopping mall, with each floor being themed as a different area of the world.

Our Nana store is very close to the centre of Bangkok and there are many hotels and restaurants in the area. There are also the classic street vendors and a massage house next door. The building itself has a mural of our classic wavy lines all the way to the top, you can't miss it! Our tunes are also played so you can hear them as you walk by, to introduce you to the vibe.

The interior of the store is very spacious and actually has award winning interior design. There is lots of room to browse all our CBD and wellness products and our apparel range. There is a long couch with lots of room to chill. It's a great spot to chat, to your friends or our staff about anything.

The Lounge in Nana store is a classy open plan space with various comfy places to sit, solo or in groups. There are real plants keeping the place fresh and bright, as well as an outdoor patio area designated for smoking cigarettes as they are not appropriate in the private lounge. The lounge is actually available for renting out for private events. You can have a birthday party there with table and bong service for all your guests. .

Chinatown, Bangkok

Our third location in Bangkok, opened in March 2023, is in the iconic Bangkok Chinatown and is located next door to the famous Jay Fai restaurant. Jay Fai is so popular that their ques stretch past our door. If you're in line, come and cool off with us!

Chinatown is in the heart of the West side of Bangkok. There are many temples nearby and the spectacular Grand Palace to see before or after you visit us for your medicine. Our store is within walking distance to several temples and only ten minutes walk away from Sam Yot MRT.

The Chinatown store keeps our classic refined Siam Green vibe with its chill but classy lighting and clean and crisp decoration. There are also some gold highlights on some of the interior design, in the spirit of the nearby temples and to help with the building's individuality. We also have our classic wavy line mural on the bottom of the entrance. .

Chaweng, Koh Samui

The farthest reaching of this brand so far is the store on Chaweng beach on the idyllic tropical island of Koh Samui. Our store is directly opposite Central Samui, the shopping centre and is at the foot of the main street for bars and restaurants on the island. The store is also just a 2 minute walk to the beach where you can have a cocktail and a smoke with a view.

Siam Green brings the essence of professional conduct with them as it stands out from the crowd. The store has our classic green mixed with lighter colours for the walls to open up the space.

As a brand who upholds quite strict standards, the tropical paradise of Koh Samui does mean we have to be a little more “Sabai sabai” with our store on Samui. For example our prices are set lower to compete with the lower quality market. Also, it is acceptable for customers to consume on our terrace in front of the store.

We’d love to see you in our Koh Samui store, all your Siam Green loyalty benefits will still be redeemable whichever branch you are in!

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Luigi CosiLuigi Cosi
15:45 04 Mar 24
Caleb StoneCaleb Stone
08:52 04 Mar 24
Great customer service and even better Weed
Taylor MallaberTaylor Mallaber
08:50 04 Mar 24
Best dispensary in Bangkok. So friendly, great smoke lounge, and good price on the bud. Definitely worth the stop!
Brandy williamsBrandy williams
19:20 03 Mar 24
wonderful service and love the vibes
Blaise DaldinBlaise Daldin
09:36 03 Mar 24
Good selection of strains and really nice customer service. Thank you Sarah for our first experience here 🙏🏾
עדן טויקעדן טויק
09:18 21 Feb 24
Amazing place good staff nice budds nice staff people and very helpful recommend ❤️😇🫶🏻💯
Mina HoMina Ho
17:24 10 Feb 24
Very good quality stuff and friendly staff.Reasonable price, chill style shop
hitesh pardeshihitesh pardeshi
17:05 09 Feb 24
Got gummies from here and the stuff they had was just too good. The variety and the collection here is top notch!Kevin was assisting me and he was very very sweet. He literally educated me about each and every type of stuff they have.Would definitely recommend to all cannabis lovers ❤️
Phuong DomoPhuong Domo
10:50 19 Nov 23
Spontaneously jumping into this shop and got pretty nice exp.Nice and caring staff. Good vibe shop.Variation of goods beside originals w.eed as cookies, chocolate, garments,...
Nguyễn NamNguyễn Nam
16:34 22 Oct 23
Amazing and very nice canabis store in Bangkok. We have the promtion when buying and review. A worth visit place for travelers. Good vibes and they also offer the room area for enjoying their products with many fun boardgames
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monil panchamiamonil panchamia
11:00 04 Mar 24
Superb place , with great ambience and also have various options
Faisal AlkoohejiFaisal Alkooheji
09:34 04 Mar 24
Very nice products highly recommend visiting
Adam FultonAdam Fulton
12:49 29 Feb 24
Great staff, nice shop
Tal CareyTal Carey
12:46 29 Feb 24
Eben HashikutuvaEben Hashikutuva
05:37 29 Feb 24
Had great service here. Thank you
09:44 30 Jan 24
Best weed in Samui hands down.Friendly and knowledgeable staff, wish I had time to see their store in Bangkok.Will be back next time I visit.
Nahel GhalemNahel Ghalem
14:30 19 Dec 23
Very nice place, very good and tasty weed at good price. And the staff is really really good. I advice everyone to go visit us
Jiffry SaheedJiffry Saheed
08:48 19 Dec 23
Super cool staff who know exactly what you need . And they’ve got a very interesting selection of strains . Do check them out
Rakesh kumar VRakesh kumar V
16:00 12 Dec 23
Excellent verity of cannabis products! Very friendly people who help select the best for your needs!!
Grace HendersonGrace Henderson
07:18 09 Dec 23
the best shop in koh samui for all your weed needs! such nice staff and super helpful 🥰

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Siam Green's Cannabis Dispensaries


Siam Green the Best Dispensary Chain?

At Siam Green, we have been striving for excellence since the very beginning. As our business grows in size so does our vigilance of our care for our customers. Every visitor that comes in, regardless of what they want to purchase, if anything at all, will be made to feel like they belong there and their needs will be met. Whether that be purchasing their vital medication or simply asking for information, we endeavour to give everyone what they need in the safest, most relaxing way possible.

The flower we stock is carefully vetted by our in house cannabis expert. We have gone through hundreds of farms and only purchase the best of the best, with no impurities and the best flavour. We have actually become notoriously strict in our assessment of flower within the industry.

Our top of the range edibles and extracts also support the elevated customer experience Siam Green strives to provide. We partner with some of the best producers of organic CBD currently in Thailand. We deeply care able wellness and hold CBD equally sacred to THC. Therefore, whatever your needs and current tolerances are, we will accommodate you to your precise requirements.

Our largest branch, in Nana The bright and classy interior design creates a legitimacy that goes really well with consuming cannabis. Locals, expats and tourists all love coming back to Siam Green and singing their praises online.

Customer service - Safety and education are major priorities for Siam Green. Therefore any customer is made to feel as welcome as possible and no question is too big or small. From international experts to the local retirees, they’ve got everyone covered.

They are on the forefront of budtender knowledge with weekly classes with Thai Budtender Academy. The most prolific cannabis educator in Bangkok.

Time and money invested on getting the absolute best flower and keeping it at an absolute optimum. Making the entire stock of cannabis in Siam Green is medical grade.

Edibles and extracts in Siam Green are all carefully sourced and wellness focused. There is a focus on organic and natural ingredients as well as the shared message of the benefits of the cannabis plant when used properly. From epilepsy to your pets health, we are well trained in answering your serious and lighthearted questions alike.

We talk wellness and plant medicine very seriously as we think it is the future of self determined healing. Therefore we also stock mushroom based supplements that are designed to improve brain health and energy levels among other things.

We also stock OG Kratom, a locally produced organic Kratom brand. Kratom is a plant native to Thailand with powerful medicinal qualities. Non-organic Kratom can be not as healthy as its organic counterpart, this is why we only promote organic brands that we know are safe and will in some way help our customers journey to their optimal lifestyle.

At Siam Green we understand that a safe and groovy place to consume is integral to the cannabis experience. Our lounges have carefully selected furniture and decorations and music for your enjoyment. Cannabis can be used as a healthy alternative to alcohol, therefore we do our best to accommodate this. We so also serve alcohol but we have no draft and nothing stronger than bottled beer. Having numerous meaningful social interactions is now common knowledge as a vital key to a healthy happy life, thats all we wish for you and everything we do has your health and happiness in mind.

Our returning customer experience continues to increase in value with every visit. Your loyalty rewarded with the warmest of greetings and your personal tastes are anticipated. We also have a loyalty reward card scheme that gives you many benefits, and coming soon - because we love you guys so much - we are upgrading our loyalty scheme to have far more benefits so you can feel the true extent of our professional care.

We love all our customers and do our very best to look after you. We are confident this is working because of how many of you come back with a smile, and how many of you left amazingly warm reviews online. It means the world to us and we will only get better and better!


People Trust in Siam Green Cannabis Co.

Give us a try!

If you’re asking for the best weed shops near me, in Bangkok or Koh Samui, look no farther than Siam Green! Our reputation can be illustrated online when you consider the amount of great reviews we have. In our oldest store, Phrom Phong, we have 461 reviews. At Nana we have 200, Chaweng has 140 and in only 18 days, our Chinatown store has 25 five star reviews. This seems to be a pattern because there are very few reviews that are not five star.

Every store has our refined professionalism proudly bared by our knowledgeable staff and our heavily curated stock of the finest organic wellness products. Each store is unique, yet has our classy yet groovy style woven into its design and vibes, which is then carried beyond our doors with our loyal customers and any who wear our streetwear.

Our dedicated team at Siam Green has done everything we can to ensure we have three of the best places where you can buy weed in Bangkok and the one and only best place to buy weed in Koh Samui.

We confidently set the standard for safe and reliable cannabis and plant medicine practises and we will continue to spread our passion for service across Thailand and beyond.

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