Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker weed strain is an esteemed indica-dominant hybrid, boasting impressive 28-34% THC levels, a complex flavor profile, and the prestigious title of Leafly Strain of the Year in 2023, now in Thailand grown by local Thai growers.


Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid (70% Indica / 30% Sativa)

Strain Lineage: Biscotti X Jealousy X Sherbet BX


THC content: 

28% – 34%

CBD content:


MEB content:

Not specified

Terpene Profile

Dominant terpene:


Other terpenes:

Limonene, Caryophyllene


Primary Aroma: Spicy diesel, pungent dank, super sour citrus

Additional Aromas: Floral, soapy, candy, gassy funk


Primary Flavors: Sweet and sour fruity candy with a punch of citrusy diesel

Additional Flavors: Soapy funk, candy, floral gas tones

Positive Effects

Euphoric creativity, Lifted mood, Weighty sense of calm, Hunger stimulation

Negative Effects

Anxiety, Paranoia, Headaches, Dizziness, Dry mouth/eyes

Medical Uses:

Chronic fatigue, PMS or cramps, Depression or mood swings, Chronic stress or PTSD

Non-medical or recreational use:

Relaxation, Creativity, Appetite stimulation

Additional information:

Bred and nurtured by Seed Junky Genetics’ JBeezy, chosen by Doja Pak, Permanent Marker was released in June 2022 under Los Angeles indie brand Doja Exclusive. Recognized as the Leafly Strain of the Year in 2023, this potent indica-dominant hybrid boasts a complex flavor profile and high THC content, appealing to both medical and recreational users.

History of Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker, originating from the meticulous breeding of Seed Junky Genetics’ JBeezy and selection by Doja Pak, was unveiled in June 2022 under the banner of Los Angeles indie brand Doja Exclusive. As a hybrid, it integrates the genetic lineage of Biscotti, Sherb Bx, and a 3rd-generation Jealousy cut, resulting in a strain with widespread popularity. Its swift ascent was marked by the prestigious Leafly Strain of the Year title in 2023, solidifying its position as a highly acclaimed and influential addition to the cannabis market.


Permanent Marker is an esteemed indica-dominant hybrid, earning its reputation with remarkable THC levels and a diverse flavor profile, ultimately securing the coveted title of Leafly Strain of the Year in 2023. Originating from the meticulous breeding of Seed Junky Genetics’ JBeezy and curated by Doja Pak, this strain encapsulates the essence of California cannabis innovation. Its potent positive effects, coupled with its intriguing history and widespread recognition, position Permanent Marker as a standout cultivar in the ever-evolving world of cannabis.

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