Tropicana Cherry

Tropicana Cherry

Tropicana Cherry weed strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred from Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies F3, famed in the cannabis community for its tangerine/orange and cherry flavors, and uplifting effects. Bred by Relentless Genetics, the strain’s identifiable traits are its oversized maroon-hued buds with deep purple undertones.


Tropicana Cookies x Cherry Cookies


THC content: 

16% – 21% (Average THC level can vary between 16% and 24%, with some phenotypes reaching up to 28%.)

CBD content:

Not specified

MEB content:

Note specified

Terpene Profile

Dominant terpene:


Other terpenes:

Limonene, Pinene


Fruity aroma with hints of cherry, citrus, and earthy undertones.


Sweet and sour citrus, cherry, nutty, orange

Positive Effects

Euphoria, creativity, uplifting, focused

Negative Effects

Not specified

Medical Uses:

Chronic stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, chronic fatigue.

Non-medical or recreational use:

It is ideal for daytime use and is suitable for social events, creative activities, and outdoor activities.

History of Tropicana Cherry:

Relentless Genetics is a seed bank responsible for the conception of Tropicana Cherry. Through the delicate process of crossbreeding Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies F3, this strain is the result of Relentless Genetics’ dedication and ambition to breed premium cannabis genotypes. Relentless Genetics’ ambition is to breed high-quality strains, and they already have a very well-known reputation for delivering top-quality strains.

Additional information:

The famed Relentless Genetics breeds Tropicana Cherry, the strain is well accepted for its beneficial effects of both recreational and medical uses. Additionally  Tropicana Cherry has a very fast flowering period at approximately 60 days, the result should give home growers Tropicana Cherry’s signature flavors of tangerine orange and cherry as an indication of correct method of cultivation.


Tropicana Cherry, developed by Relentless Genetics, is a euphoric strain with uplifting effects. With no specified negative impacts, it gives users a positive experience uplifts and is ideal for engaging in social settings and enjoying while experiencing the outdoors. There has been medical evidence that Tropicana Cherry can be utilized for healthcare for individuals tackling stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, and chronic fatigue. Versatile in recreational use, ideal to consume before or while engaging in daytime activities, allows users to feel more open in social events, boosts creativity, and is ideal for folks who enjoy outdoor pursuits. The strain’s rapid 60-day flowering period and distinctive tangerine and cherry flavors give anyone who sampled Tropicana Cherry a memorable smoke session.

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