Orange Fanta

Orange Fanta

Orange Fanta weed strain is a very well-known 50/50 balanced hybrid from Seattle Chronic Seeds, it is the result of crossbreeding of Agent Orange and Hindu IBL strains. This strain is famed for its unique flavor and aroma profile, resilience to diverse climates, and health benefits.




Agent Orange X Hindu IBL strains.


THC content: 


CBD content:

0.44 – 0.78%

MEB content:

MEB (Other cannabinoids): CBC 0.36-0.47%, CBG 0.26-0.85%, CBN 0.08-0.2%,

Terpene Profile

Dominant terpene:


Other terpenes:

Linalool, Phellandrene, Caryophyllene


Orange, Spice, Diesel


Sweet, Spicy, Fruity, Orange

Positive Effects

Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting

Negative Effects


Medical Uses:

Chronic Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s disease

Non-medical or recreational use:

Calming, Energizing

Additional information:

Orange Fanta adapts well to diverse climates, thriving in warm and cool climates. The Orange Fanta plant itself is very resilient. When cultivated properly, the strain’s plant will have the characteristics of multiple toppings and resistance to powdery mildew.

History of:

Orange Fanta traces its origins to Seattle Chronic Seeds.The strain is carefully bred by combining the Agent Orange and Hindu IBL strains, resulting in a strain with its own unique aroma and flavor profile. The flavors and aromas are similar.


Orange Fantaremains is a versatile strain enjoyed in a smoke session and has beneficial uses when treating illnesses. Coming out of Seattle Chronic Seeds through the crossbreeding of  Agent Orange and Hindu IBL strains, one of the results of this union is this strain’s unique flavor and aroma. When cultivating, Orange Fanta’s characteristics include its adaptability to various climates and resistance to powdery mildew.

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