Guide To Buying Weed in Thailand (2024), Rules, History, and more


Most people alive today, except a few nationalities, have only ever known the prohibition of cannabis. The rich, multi-millennia-long medicinal and cultural uses of cannabis have been corrupted by misinformation all over the world for many decades. Relatively not such a long mistake, but as we can see, most countries are still catching up. 

This guide aims to continue the normalisation process of this sacred plant by helping strengthen each person’s confidence and understanding of their relationship with it. Thailand’s legalisation of the plant has brought a free space to many cannabis consumers, new and old. Around Thailand, it seems like the existing underground culture is merging with traditional medicinal and modern wellness practices. This makes Thailand potentially a leader in the global education of properly understanding the highly versatile and sustainable plant.

There is, however, progress to be made in confident legislation making due to insufficient data. This is an issue that dispensaries like Siam Green are solving via leading by example. The culture is evolving with every safe smoke. 

50 Years of Prohibition: Waste of Time and Money?

Cannabis was used as a traditional medicine in Thailand well into the twentieth century. America’s war on drugs was the leading cause of the plant becoming strictly prohibited by the early 1970s’. Cannabis-related jail sentences, harsh fines, and organised crime were common when the plant was prohibited. 

After long discussions, Thailand legalised medical cannabis in 2018. This was due to the rising awareness that it is actually an essential part of Thai Traditional Medicine pharmacopeia. Lots of research was done on medical uses based on traditional knowledge, and the refined versions of these are practised today. 

On June 9th, 2022, Thailand legalised the plant itself. This meant that people could grow and consume within specific private guidelines without punishment, and a retail license was affordable. The market boomed; now, there are over 7,000 dispensaries and hundreds of farms. People can now enjoy and benefit from the traditional plant demonised for most of the living memory. 

All fun and games, you might think…  Not quite. There is still much to be learned about this plant because the science is decades behind the culture, and much of the culture existed underground. Hence, the actual “facts” about how cannabis non-prohibition affects a culture on a larger scale are yet to be “confirmed”. 

This is why there have been numerous times since June 2022 when the policymakers have suggested stopping “recreational” cannabis due to the lingering stigma created by US propaganda throughout the 20th century. Thankfully, they have released a statement showing policymakers are waiting for more public opinion on refining the cannabis regulations. 

This suggests that the damage that the American propaganda did on the planet, e.g. jail sentences and increased alcoholism, is actually becoming more common knowledge to people with power and influence. Now, the task is on consumers, businesses, and the media to stay confident in and promote the belief that this plant is unique and that people who would benefit from it should be allowed to do so freely. Therefore, “recreational” and “medicinal” can blend into each other for many people. Of course no forgetting the dangers of misuse and miseducation, like with any valuable things in human life, for example, cars and knives. 

Current Rules in Thailand

There are simple rules in place that are enforced by most dispensaries. No one who is under the age of 20, pregnant, or breastfeeding will be served cannabis. A passport or official ID is also required by law whenever purchasing. Public consumption is considered a nuisance and could result in a fine. If any neighbours are bothered by the smell, they have a right to report you, and your consumption will be requested to cease. Most people consume in the private lounges in the dispensaries if they have one or a tolerant balcony. It’s recommended you check the policy of your accommodation! It is also an official Thai regulation (English here) that anyone carrying above 30g of cannabis products is considered a “dealer” and should have appropriate documentation e.g., a work permit in the cannabis industry. 

There are also laws in place that are protective measures due to the lack of reliable information about the plant’s long-term effects on a population. For instance, extracts are only permitted to be 0.2% THC because stronger than that could be considered a “narcotic”. This is an exciting legislation because many effective medical cannabis products are potent THC extracts, and smoking is rarely seen as the healthiest way to consume. 

Now that the policymakers have announced they are waiting for more public opinion to aid them in their journey, promoting and practising education on the strengths and challenges of cannabis and responsible consumption are now even more critical. 

Siam Green – The Exemplary Dispensary

Siam Green is an establishment that exemplifies the refined side of the new generation of cannabis culture. Their reputation for the highest quality buds and services continues as the industry develops; check out the review here

Starting in January 2023 with their headquarters at Phrom Phong, Siam Green launched two more stores in the same year. The stylish Nana store is a top spot in the area, with a sleek private lounge overlooking the busy street. On Koh Samui, Siam Green supplies reliable top-quality services to your tropical escape. Very soon, they will join the party in Chinatown, spreading safe and good vibes wherever they go.

The Siam Green ‘High Standard’

If you are new to cannabis, you will be treated with particular care at Siam Green. All of their budtenders have weekly classes about the science, experience, and industry practices of cannabis. First-timers or occasional smokers will be guided through their ideal cannabis experience; for example, a small one-hit pipe is sometimes recommended as a very first experience because it is easy to control dosage. Also, if you are feeling a bit dizzy from THC, you can take some CBD to calm the effects.

Improper storage of cannabis in a tropical climate can be dangerous because of mould and degraded THC into the brown-looking CBN. Controlled temperature and humidity units are therefore extremely important, and it’s recommended to check if the dispensary you are in uses them. Siam Green stores have custom units and regularly check for mould and impurities. 

Cannabis for wellness is a fast-growing part of the culture as it is actually one of the oldest recorded human activities we still do today. Siam Green also brings together new and old knowledge when they serve their high-quality selection of oils and supplements. 

With the versatility of cannabis becoming clearer, Siam Green offers a hybrid of reliable pharmacies and funky private bars. You can go and listen to lovely music and pick up some streetwear, and at the same time talk about nature and medicine with your new friend. 

Choosing your experience

The cannabis world is all about doing what is best for you. Find your favourite way to consume, the strains that work for your disposition, and your perfect rhythm. Cannabis is primarily an internal experience, so you are the number one authority regarding how and how much you consume. 

Self-medication is becoming more accepted as something that adults are trusted to do. Learning the customer’s needs is paramount to the service provider. At Siam Green and many places, you may also be offered a wide range of CBD products, from oils to gummies, THC edibles, and beverages, depending on your taste and requirements.

Information on Purchasing 

Importing cannabis to Thailand is actually illegal. Most dispensaries, therefore, purchase their flower from local farms. These farms have a wide range of build types, budgets, and nationalities of investors. There are many Thai growers and a wealth of Thai knowledge. Plenty of foreign competitors exist, from non-prohibition Canada to prohibition Russia; many plant lovers put their heart and soul into growing.

Most dispensaries should have descriptions for the strains they provide. Many shop counters, including Siam Green’s, have their jars of flowers in order from the most uplifting sativa to the most relaxing indica. With this spread, you can smell any strain to see if it will have your desired effect and taste. 

In Siam Green locations in Bangkok & Koh Samui, each strain is carefully chosen for its outstanding properties after reviewing many samples. Their prices range from ฿600 ($16.8) to ฿800 ($22.4) for one gram. This is about average for “top shelf” across the city, with some stores selling some top indoor strains for under  ฿600 ($16.8) and some upwards of ฿1200 ($33.6). Outdoor cannabis flowers can go for as little as ฿50 ($1.4) in some places. It might be what you’re looking for, but you essentially get what you pay for. There is everything in between in this market, and the prices will vary wherever you go in the country.

There aren’t many strictly enforced regulations on the production of the plants yet. This means that if you buy very low-priced goods, you should do your best to check their safety. A good start is checking the smell, as the budtenders are taught “the nose knows”. This plays on the fact that your instinctual reaction to the smell of a bud is often close to how you will react on consumption, much like with food. If you have keen eyes, you can also check your product for mould, which looks like a dull white-grey fuzz around parts of the bud, denser than the trichomes. 

For maximum convenience, you can also order weed straight to your door using the Cannabox delivery service that communicates directly with the dispensary and rider straight after you choose your desired product from the directory. Your items should arrive to you within 35 minutes of ordering. 

Cannabis Dispensary Etiquette

Going into dispensaries requires the same etiquette as any establishment: to be yourself and have an excellent time. Budtenders often double as space holders for people consuming cannabis. It’s normal for their customers to have slightly closed eyes or for their conversation to be a little more abstract, so that sort of thing is nothing to worry about. 

Many dispensaries, including Siam Green, serve alcohol, and some have full cocktail bars. In this regard, it’s essential to regulate our alcohol consumption because mixing cannabis and alcohol can be more unpredictable than consuming one or the other. 

Most budtenders are here to support you and know how to maintain a calm atmosphere while you unwind and enjoy yourself. If you do smoke too much, you will be looked after. If you need a little nap or just some water, that’s okay, as long as you’re polite. 

It is usually considered rude to bring a flower from one dispensary and consume it in another or to arrive too intoxicated. This is expected as it’s the same policy as other hospitality establishments. 


The Thai cannabis industry is growing fast, and the culture is becoming more and more normalized as free consumption of cannabis (shockingly) has not driven the entire nation to collapse, as some of the old-school American propaganda might suggest. 

If you are a person who disagrees with the prohibition of cannabis, you will feel very welcome in Thailand. There is a broad spectrum of dispensaries offering a range of vibes and services. Educating yourself on the products and reputable establishments is essential to optimise your experience and safety in this fantastic country. 

Siam Green is a leading example of professionalism in the industry. Their duty of care in knowledge and hospitality provides a reliable safe space, and their sense of atmosphere brings solid enjoyment.

Like many cannabis industries around the world, the Thai one is still unpredictable, and the legislators have yet to make confident decisions. Still, we should be very proud when they promote freedom. Particularly when the liberating policy rejects external outdated input and allows for actual current public opinion. 

Whatever happens, many people in this country are passionate about rebuilding the lost culture together. Ideally, this will bring confidence to everyone that, with proper use, cannabis and its associated products can be a great benefit to the planet and its inhabitants. 

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