4 Best CBD Oils in Thailand – Seya, DiiP, and more


Since the first week of legalization, one thing we can all notice is the rise in sales of CBD products; before legalization, Thailand had already legalized cannabis for medical use, but this proved to be only experimental and was very limited with legalization. However, it gave rise to prominent CBD brands, thus allowing Thai folks who have the desire to use cannabis as an alternative in self-care a more comprehensive range of choices of CBD products, which can range from CBD gummies, CBD extracts, even CBD skin care products, the most notable CBD brand on the market currently are extracts sold by Diip. 

CBD in Thailand has drawn much interest from those researching alternative healthcare. In the cannabis realm, where THC is involved, it is much more trivial in comparison because ingesting THC is merely both recreational and medical. Still, the realm of CBD is more focused on healthcare; CBD focuses more on the uses of specific terpenes for therapeutic applications and holistic purposes.

Understanding CBD: Nature’s Wellness Molecule

What is CBD?  To explain simply, CBD or cannabidiol is the second active ingredient in cannabis; CBD is either extracted from a selected hemp plant or extracted and synthesized in a lab. CBD has been explored in the realm of medical cannabis to provide medical cannabis without the joint effect of “getting high.” Evidence through extensive research in the realm of healthcare and the application of CBD has proven that CBD is an effective cure, if not a remedy, for treating particular childhood epilepsy syndrome such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome; the reason that those epileptic syndromes do not respond to antiseizure medications. 

The application of CBD in healthcare and its versatility and potential have not been met, even though CBD has been researched, experimented with, and tested, proven to assist those who require help mitigating the common syndromes of anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. Still, CBD can also be a potential application for individuals who have a substance use disorder. 

The current status for CBD in Thailand is the following:

Proposed Hemp Act 2024: 

  • Stricter control on personal cannabis cultivation, including hemp
  • Existing cannabis shops are permitted to continue their current operations. However, the new regulations will restrict the sales of cannabis flowers and the smoking of cannabis flowers.

Definition of cannabis and hemp according to proposed regulations

  • Cannabis will remain as a controlled herb
  • Any extracts exceeding the regulated amount of 0.2% THC are considered a narcotic.
  • Emphasis on medicinal use while more potentially stricter regulations for recreational use
  • The goal is to prevent substance abuse and regulate and restrict personal cultivation.

Proposed regulations for cannabis dispensaries

  • New regulations will allow dispensaries to remain open but prohibit the sale and smoking of all cannabis buds at the dispensary.
  • Dispensaries will be allowed to sell only cannabis oils with THC levels of 0.2% or less.
  • It is mandated that all cannabis dispensaries adhere to the new regulations.

Proposed regulations for smoking cannabis

  • There is still uncertainty about allowing people to smoke cannabis at home for personal use
  • public feedback will be required for this section
  • The proposed act will come into use in March or April 2024

Criteria for Selection: Exploring the Best CBD Oils

When it comes to cannabis oil extracts, the Thai government regulators creating criteria and evaluation of CBD oils go down extra hard and, all of the time, very strict. These are some examples of the criteria and evaluations the Thai government regulators used for CBD oils:

  • THC content limit: under regulations, CBD oil extracts cannot have no more than 0.1% THC with an extra criterion, which is CBD extracts must be at least 99% purity
  • Regulators: Narcotics Act, Medical Device Act, Drugs Act, Herbal Products Act, and Cosmetics Act. are the regulatory bodies for CBD and other regulated cannabis products.
  • Licensing: All CBD products, sales, and importation require different licenses and permits for each product derived from or uses CBD.
  • Quality Control/QC: Healthcare products derived from CBD, such as herbal supplements and modern medicine applications, must comply with a set quality standards; products must undergo testing and then certification to ensure safety and efficiency

There are only a few licensed CBD manufacturers, such as Diip, government entities with stakes in CBD, and private and public universities. 

Selecting the sources for CBD isn’t just “finding the best plant.” Sourcing hemp specifically for healthcare must undergo a series of procedural protocols to ensure consumer safety as the ongoing objective. For the best choice of hemp used for CBD, it is in the best interest of consumers that hemp that is sourced is organic and no-GMO, with the following five factors playing a crucial role:

  1. Quality and Safety: Cultivating hemp should involve methods that are alternative to standard methods of using chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, as well as the risk of chemical residue from using those products.
  2. Health Benefits: The genetic integrity of a hemp plant is well preserved if it is of the non-GMO variety, saving any therapeutic qualities a hemp plant may have. 
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Hemp cultivation is sustainable in the sense that the cultivation practice itself prioritizes environmental conservation that contributes to soil health and biodiversity; the organic cultivation techniques and methods all benefit the environment directly, soil fertility as a beneficial byproduct,  reduction in water pollution, as far as reducing greenhouse emissions.
  4. Consumer Preference: Consumers of CBD mainly have the demand for organic products, mainly from their perception of what is healthy and good for the environment.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: Some jurisdictions require an organic certification to be compulsory in order to label organic hemp as organic. 

Overall, when it comes to healthcare, if organic options are available, consumers will buy them; organic products do so with the self-notion of contributing to a good cause, like saving the environment and being healthy. Who is it to say that this can’t be seen with CBD production?

Seya CBD Oil

SEYA CBD oil is a local CBD brand that produces and manufactures CPD oil extracts focusing entirely on healthcare, self-care, and well-being. According to their statement on their official website, Seya is driven by the potential of cannabis oil being the key to improving the quality of life, with an accumulated 20 years of knowledge and experience in medical cannabis to develop remedies. Seya has a total of 3 products. All 3 are CBD oils but for different ailments. Relax is ideal for beginners because it contains only 1000mg. Rest is their 2000mg extract, this one specifically for pain, and Relief is the 3000mg extract focused on severe pain and anxiety. One of the main contributing factors why their CBD oils are effective is because Seya takes into consideration the benefits of terpenes, which they isolated and added into their oil extracts to produce tailored effects for their consumers,

The products that Seya produces are tailored to meet their buyer’s needs. Seya has meticulously sourced its supplies before beginning its intricate extraction process; it also lab-tested its products to ensure the safety of its consumers. 

“ Our products and philosophy are about transparency, awareness, and commitment to your satisfaction. We have partnered with leading CBD experts and local farmers in Thailand. To bring lasting change to your life.”

Auracl CBD Oil

Auracl is another leading brand in CBD oil. What sets Auracl apart from its competitors is that its CBD is extracted via coconut oil. This method is not unfamiliar in the extraction of cannabis properties: THC, CBD, terpenes, etc. Auracl offers its consumers not just CBD as an alternative for healthcare and self-care but also a holistic alternative; Auracl’s consumers will get the benefits of CBD and the nourishment that comes with the coconut oil. The main symptoms Oracle’s products are focused on are the following:

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality
  • Anti-Inflammatory Support
  • Supports Cognitive Function
  • Balances Mood and Emotional Well-being
  • Promotes Digestive Health
  • Muscle Recovery and Joint Support

DiiP CBD Oil

One of the most recognizable brands in CBD healthcare and self-care and can be found close to all dispensaries in Bangkok, Diip has garnered its reputation for providing CBD oils and methods used in consumption; for example, Diip has a sachet variety. Each sachet comes in a bar of 10, and each of those sachets contains 30mg of CBD. Importantly, each sachet is one dose, making it convenient for medical cannabis users in comparison to the traditional bottle with a pipette, which is also available at Diip as well. Diip can be praised for not just having CBD oils. Still, also other CBD products, such as CBD sleep gummies and CBD morning gummies, are ideal and suitable for those who have started to use CBD and feel intimidated by the oil extracts. Another product they have is CBD supplement pills for general use, like relaxation. 

DiiP established its brand and company from personal experiences with mental health and the inefficiency modern medicine has for mental health conditions. DiiP vouches that CBD is the one cure for all. The hemp plant sourced by DiiP on their farm in Khao Yai is named Good Neighbors Farm, with a GMP-compliant extraction lab on location.

Sundara CBD Oil: Embracing Quality

Sundara CBD is based on and marketed as a spectrum CBD extract, meaning that its consumers will get the full potential of the therapeutic terpenes and other therapeutic qualities a CBD has. Furthermore, Sundara CBD products are 100% organic and locally sourced in Thailand. The most common products consumers choose from Sundara are CBD oil extracts and CBD gummies; the oils come in 3 sizes: 5 ml, 15 ml, and 30 ml. Consuming CBD oil directly for many people could be more pleasant. Many brands, including Sundara, have oil extracts with peppermint flavors to make it easier for some CBD oil users to ingest without compromising the “CBD flavor.”

Comparative Analysis

When selecting the right brands of CBD for use, many factors will be involved in purchasing and consuming, primarily from leading brands in Thailand, Seya, Diip, Auracl, and Sundara. 

These are the complete product comparisons between the leading brands


  • Focuses: Healthcare, self-care, and well-being
  • It has three products for three different ailments and levels: Relax (1000mg for beginners), Rest (2000mg for pain), and Relief (3000mg for severe pain and anxiety)
  • Utilizes/combines extracted terpenes to give consumers the full potential of their CBD oils’ therapeutic properties
  • Sourcing supplies is complicated, and products lab tests for safety


  • Uses coconut oil extraction method
  • Holistic approach: CBD oils offer benefits from CBD and coconut oil
  • Symptoms Auracl is commonly used to treat relaxation, stress relief, enhanced sleep quality, anti-inflammatory support, cognitive function, emotional well-being, digestive health, muscle recovery, and joint support.


  • Provides CBD users with different methods for consumption: traditional bottles with a pipette, ten sachet sets containing 30 mg each, 
  • Other products include CBD gummies for sleep and morning and supplement pills/capsules.
  • The brand was founded based on personal experiences with mental health.
  • Hemp sourced from their farm


  • Marketed, manufactured as full spectrum CBD extract
  • All extracts are 100% organic and locally sourced from Thailand
  • Typical products sold at dispensaries: Oils and CBD gummies
  • Oils come in different volumes, 5ml, 15ml, and 30ml
  • Peppermint flavor for easy ingestion without the aftertaste from regular CBD oils

Each of these leading brands has its benefits, each with its unique offers as well as providing health benefits and remedies for ailments. Seya’s extracts are tailored for specific illnesses by adding terpene extracts to unlock their consumer’s therapeutic potential. In contrast, Auracl has a more holistic approach by utilizing coconut oil in extracting CBD, which is utilized for a myriad of ailments. Then there are Diip and Sundara, which take CBD oil to a different level regarding methods of ingestion and convenience in consumption. DiiP has both conveniences in consumption and methods of consuming, such as ten single-dose sachet sets, as well as CBD gummies and pills. Sundara offers total spectrum extracts, meaning their consumers will be using a product comparable to a “pharmacy in a bottle,” with the bonus that the oil extracts by Sundara come in peppermint flavor as well.

How to Choose the Right CBD Oil

Choosing the right CBD oil should continue beyond the common ailments it is used for. Instead, those seeking CBD oils should explore the various terpenes before making the proper selection because CBD producers acknowledge the importance of the role of terpenes in cannabis. Terpenes are some of the foundations for medical cannabis, for terpenes are the ones that carry “the real cure” in cannabis, so when buying a bottle of CBD oil extracts, gummies, and even CBD pills, it is advised to read the active terpenes or terpenes used, some terpenes are specifically for specific ailments. Some CBD products have recommended doses so users may ingest a safe amount. However, some brands like DiiP have sachet sets where users can use one of the ten sachets for one dosage. 


CBD usage in thailand has come along way since the early years of legalization, and after legalization in 2022 its usage is strong, strong enough to have Thai folks choosing CBD as an alternative, this demand in turn has resulted in the rise of local and domestic CBD brands , DiiP, Auracl, Seya, and Sundara CBD are the leading bands in thailand today, each brand offering their own unique take on CBD oils and other products, Seya is one of the few brands that focuses on isolating certain terpenes inorder to give their consumers a tailored effect that can resulting in their consumers receiving the full benefits from both the terpenes added and Seya’s oil extract, Auracl is similar in this sense in providing the full therapeutic potential from CBD oils, but with a more holistic approach seen by their CBD coconut oil extract, while Sundara CBD fully uses the holistic and full terpene potential in their full spectrum CBD extract allowing it to be very versatile, and lastly DiiP, DiiP is unique from the others in ways of method of consumption. When selecting the right CBD products for personal care, it is best to see the full potential of the products; factoring in terpenes, dosage, and amount the brands mention should give CBD users the basis on how to select the right brand for their specific ailments.




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