Best Things To Do Near Chaweng, Koh Samui


Thailand has been known for sun, sea, and fun since the tourism boom in the mid-90s under the campaign Amazing Thailand, numerous islands played host to large crowds of tourists coming in from all over the world to experience the island sunshine, most notably on Koh Samui, which in the last two decades has grown from a small tourist destination for exclusivity, natural attractions, and serene beaches, to one of Thailand’s busiest tourist destinations on the islands, now apart from the island resort getaways sprawled all over Samui, folks would flock to Samui from out of town for the occasional beach party events throughout the year, this also has a residual effect by giving Samui a nightlife scene, and no other place in Samui represents the nightlife on Koh Samui than Chaweng, Samui’s central hub for the nightlife. Chaweng itself is already a busy area of Samui. It is home to Chaweng Beach, the go-to destination for tourists wanting to immerse themselves under the island sun; almost every aspect of the fun life at Chaweng, whether beach parties or nightlife, happens near the beach or at the beach. It can be stated that Chaweng is the center of the fun. 

Beachside Bliss

As mentioned, almost all the fun activities at Chaweng are centralized on the beach. Being the longest stretch of beachside on Samui, there are plenty of activities for tourists to immerse themselves in, the most common being paddle boarding and jetskiing, as well as snorkeling along the shoreline of the beach; the other activities visitors on Samui can enjoy are kayak tours where visitors can kayak to the nearby Angthong National Maritime Park, considered to be one of the highlights for nature lovers. 

Cultural Exploration

Thailand is a land of temples; most Thai people identify as Buddhist, after all. Thai temples have a spiritual allure for overseas visitors, drawing in crowds who want to experience Thailand’s more tranquil and cultural aspect. Koh Samui also has a cultural aspect for tourists who want the “full Thai experience.”  In the Chaweng area, tourists on Samui can have a cultural excursion at Wat Plai Laem and Big Buddha or Wat Phra Yai

Wat Plai Laem utilizes architecture influenced by traditional Thai and Chinese architectural styles; Thai artist Jarit Phumdonming designed the temple. Visitors of this open-air temple can explore the different deity statues that set it apart from the traditional Thai Buddhist statues; after all, the prominent statue is of Guanyin rather than the traditional Buddha.

Wat Phra Yai, or in English, Big Buddha Temple, is a short distance from Chaweng in the nearby Bangrak area. Big Buddha temple is just like its name suggests, a temple with a 12-meter tall statue of Buddha. Wat Phra Yai offers a tranquil and peaceful environment like any other Thai temple. Still, visitors can enjoy the sights and sounds of Big Buddha Beach after the temple visit.

Retail Therapy

When folks come to Thailand, the first things they have in their heads are cheap street food and absurd shopping prices and deals. Over the last two decades, Thailand has seen many openings of night markets, the ideal place for grabbing a bite and getting your hands on some of the best bargain deals in the country. Night markets have been a central tourist hub in Thailand, with one of the most well-known being the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. In the present day, night markets have become a common place for people to go shopping or dine, so it’s very expected that Chaweng will play host to a night market as well, being a busy and lively district after all. The market plays a role in being a gateway to the vibrant Samui nightlife. 

Chaweng Night Market can be compared to a food bazaar; shops selling clothes and souvenirs are there at the market, too, but mainly, it is a food market where visitors can find an endless variety of options, from simple chicken and sticky rice to more intricate seafood dishes from the pop-up restaurants at the market or some freshly grilled squid and shrimp to enjoy on the go. 

One other place that is close to Chaweng Market is Central Festival; why recommend a mall because there’s a mall in almost every city? Central Festival at Chaweng is not just another mall under the Central group because in addition to the conventional shopping boutiques brand name fashion, there is night market every evening starting at 5 pm until 11 pm, on Wednesdays, folks can catch a live performance from local bands. 

One of the newest locations in Chaweng is Siam Green Cannabis Co; originally from Bangkok, Siam Green Cannabis Co found another home in Chaweng. This dispensary brought their reputation of expertise and professionalism with them from Bangkok. 

Siam Green offers visitors the finest cannabis for the best smoking experience. Anyone who visits Siam Green will feel right at home as soon as they are greeted by the dispensary’s friendly staff. The same staff can recommend the best strain to enjoy on the beach to customers. There are many cannabis-related products available at Siam Green for customers who do not want to partake in buds; they can choose from an assortment of gummies, brownies, and cookies. 

Nature Escapes

Koh Samui, being an island destination, has already attracted visitors from far and wide because of its natural beauty. The perfect place for picturesque holidays, it is also one of the many reasons tourists flock to Thailand. Suppose visitors want to experience the natural wonders of Koh Samui. In that case, they are welcome to explore various nature and maritime reserves throughout Koh Samui.

The most notable natural attraction is Ang Thong National Maritime Park. This national park is well known for a large amount of wildlife, such as iguanas, white-bellied sea eagles, pythons, and otters, just to name a few. The park hosts many activities visitors can partake in, such as snorkeling and diving at the various spots around the park. One of the park’s highlights would be the Thale Nai or Emerald Lake, located on one of the islands. As the name suggests, Emerald Lake is a lagoon well known for its green hue.

If some tourists want a change of scenery from the sunny Chaweng Beach, they can explore Na Muang Waterfalls. This natural wonder has attracted visitors, both locals and tourists alike. Na Muang Waterfalls has two levels, Na Muang 1 and Na Muang 2. Na Muang 1 flows into a small natural pool where visitors use the small pool to cool off from the tropical heat; Na Muang 2 is a 30-minute uphill hike. Na Muang Waterfalls is characterized by the purple hues of the water and light reflected from the rocks surrounding the falls.

Nightlife Hotspots

Koh Samui offers a unique and vibrant nightlife of beach parties and nightclubs. The nightlife on Samui is very centralized around the Chaweng area, particularly close to the beach.

One of the critical features of nightlife on the islands, especially Koh Samui, are beach clubs; these nightclubs can be simply described as a beachfront nightclubs with a beach. Ark Bar Beach Club is one of the largest nightclubs in the Chaweng area; the nightclub is described as the party center for nightlife in Chaweng; it is also well known for having international DJs occasionally performing at the club.

One of the luxuries of nightlife in Thailand is that folks have the option of attending a high-end nightclub, or they can choose to venture through party streets. Kao San Road in Bangkok is one of the most famous ones. On Koh Samui, there is Soi Green Mango. Soi Green Mango can be described as the epicenter for the party in Chaweng, home to numerous brightly colored and brightly lit nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Visitors get to pick and choose where they want to go. Soi Green Mango is also a close walk from Chaweng Night Market. 

Culinary Adventures

There are a variety of street food venues throughout Chaweng, mainly in the mentioned Central Festival Market and Chaweng Night Market. Food markets have been a part of modern Thai society for many years. The whole concept of these food markets is so that people can explore different kinds of food, and the ones on Chaweng are not different in that aspect; however, since it is on an island, food markets around Chaweng would have street food offering varieties of seafood prepared in many ways and the best part, the seafood used are fresh. Visiting these night markets is to show support to local businesses and sample the local street food cuisine.

Fine dining options are available on Samui, with many of these fine dining establishments offering the best meals and views of the ocean. One of the most notable restaurants near Chaweng in the area, known as Chaweng Noi, is Doctor Frogs Bar and Grill. The restaurants offer a spectacular ocean view while serving diners with culinary masterpieces of Italian, western, and Thai cuisine. The restaurant has an inviting and warm ambiance and a friendly atmosphere.

Wellness and Relaxation

At any given destination that is centralized around fun, it would sometimes take a toll on the body, and often, as a result, is the desire for some tranquil relaxation day. Going to a spa retreat on an island in Thailand offers a unique experience, an experience of enjoying the tranquil sound of the waves, the gentle rocking of the ocean breeze, and the warmth of the island sun.  If tourists in Chaweng want peace and relaxation, SALA Spa is the ideal place. Located at Chaweng Beach,  folks looking for relaxation often book a complete day spa treatment incorporating different styles and methods, such as Hawaiian and Lomi Lomi massages. Visitors can also book a spa retreat day at SALA. 

Day Trips

Tourists who visit Samui and desire a more immersive experience often find themselves exploring maritime activities, the most well-known of which is scuba diving. Divers worldwide, and often many tourists, would also opt for scuba diving lessons at the various dive centers on Samui. Dive centers on Samui often go on day trips to the outlying islands, mainly Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan. Of the two, Koh Tao is the more well-known destination for scuba divers. Divers choose to dive at Koh Tao mainly because of the abundance of marine life and coral reefs, accompanied by crystal clear waters.

Practical Tips

Getting to Samui was difficult thirty years ago, mainly due to Samui not having a functioning airport. Today, getting to Samui is more convenient than in the past. Domestic airlines, mainly Bangkok Airways, have daily flights to Samui. Traveling by rail and bus is also optional. Still, it can only take folks as far as Surat Thani, where they must continue to Samui via ferry.

The best time to visit Samui or any island in Thailand should be after October to avoid the rain and monsoon season. During the monsoon months, the Gulf of Thailand is plagued with tropical storms, making maritime travel risky.


Samui has come a long way from being just a tiny island retreat to an island filled with different attractions and fun activities for visitors. During the daytime, visitors can enjoy the serenity and picturesque views of the ocean from Chaweng Beach whales enjoying a delicate joint with compliments from Siam Green Cannabis Co. Once the sun sets, that’s when Chaweng comes alive, with night markets offering unique street food that is unique to Chaweng, after a visit to Chaweng Night Market, folks can party the night away either at soi Green Mango or the high-end Ark Bar beach club. As for the quieter side of the experience, folks can find themselves dining at Dr Frogs Bar and Grill, taking in the majestic view of the sunset over the ocean, or even booking a full spa day at SALA Spa. Samui has much to offer visitors who want a complete, fun, and relaxing experience under the island’s sunshine.

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