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With a flagship store in Phrom Phong, Bangkok to the sunny destination of Koh Samui,  we at Siam Green are here to provide customers with finely curated cannabis products from our variety of tasty edibles ranging from brownies to gummies at our weed shop in Koh Samui. Our buds are sourced from reputable farms like Barkuna and guarantee to give you your desired high; if we have customers who are seeking cannabis remedies and alternative consumption methods, we offer CBD and cannabis wellness products from brands such as Local Boys and Diipz CBD extracts. When we moved down to Samui, we also brought with us our reputation, our goal to provide our customers with the finest quality cannabis, not just flowers but other cannabis-related products; our staff and budtenders are knowledgeable and ready to assist any customer with open arms.

Siam Green’s Chaweng Dispensary

Opening Hours: 11:00 am  – 03:00 am

Address: 200, Bophut, 8 Chaweng Beach Rd, Tambon Bo Put, Amphoe Ko Samui, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

Siam Green Cannabis Co. has expanded from our second branch in the famous Nana district to our new home at Thailand’s most famous island destination, Koh Samui. Conveniently located on Chaweng Beach Road between Nature Jewelry and Sativa Tattoo Studios, if you’re wondering exactly where on Chaweng Road we are, we are opposite Central Shopping Mall Chaweng. 

Shop Overview

As soon as you enter Siam Green’s Samui branch, you will suddenly see the Bangkok urban charm Siam Green brought with them to the Samui, the neatly organized sales floor, and all premium quality flowers clearly on display; this branch can retain its chicness that they are known for,  with of the island charm. You can also expect the same level of professionalism the budtenders of Siam Green are famed for: knowledgeable, hands-on, and most importantly, warm and welcoming, greeting each customer that walks through door with a smile, along with the calm, relaxing ambiance in the store.

Product Selection

The products we selected for our inventory range from our carefully selected variety of potent flowers displayed on our main counter to edibles, including edibles from cannabis brands, as well as cannabis supplements and CBD products. You will be able to find whatever you’re looking for at Siam Green; you can come to pick up a tin of Local Boys Chewables or a few grams of your desired strain.

Customer Experience

We maintain professionalism in all our branches, which is no exception for our Samui branch. Our staff can answer any queries customers may have and make the right recommendations according to the customer. Our staff will ask customers questions like “What kind of high are you looking for? Do you want an indica or a sativa?”  as well as give the customers their first-hand experiences with a particular strain in question before giving their recommendations, along with a clear explanation of the effect each strain they recommended has, to put in simply, if you’re new to using cannabis and being assisted by budtenders at Siam Green you will not feel intimidated nor will you feel overwhelmed, the knowledge and experience from the budtenders will give you reassurance and peace of mind.

Pricing & Value

If you seek the ideal high, relaxation, clean smoke, and general euphoria, you’ve come to the right place. We emphasize service and quality, and if that is not enough assurance, let our selection of high-quality and potent flowers be a guarantee of fine cannabis; almost the entire selection of our flowers is carefully sourced from prominent cannabis farms like Barkuna Cannabis before being displayed on our shelves. With a great selection of cannabis flowers and products, fair and competitive pricing must also complement this; we at Siam Green have offers of quality and value when purchasing our Guava Pie, we have different pricing depending on the amount our customer wants for example 1 gram goes for 520 Baht, 3 grams for 1350 baht, 5 grams for 2000 baht, and 10 grams for 4000 baht, this is our way to show customers that our products are priced according to the saying value for money

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

We have recently been recognized as one of the top 10 weed shops in Koh Samui.

Here is what customers who visited us had to say:

Nahel Ghalem

“Very nice place, very good and tasty weed at good price. And the staff is really really good. I advice everyone to go visit us”

מעיין בובווניק

“The products in the store are of high quality and fresh, and the prices are fair. The staff at the store is kind and dedicated, and is always ready to help customers”

Jiffry Saheed

“Super cool staff who know exactly what you need . And they’ve got a very interesting selection of strains . Do check them out”

Rima Sasmal

“Brilliant place to buy different varieties of greens, CBD oil, edibles. Lovely staff & very informative and  helpful”

Puntharik Yindeesook

“the best well-educated/friendly staffs i’ve ever see. Highly recommend if you want the best experiences of cannabis.

Customer Offers and Promotions

Here at Siam Green, we have special promotions and services we offer to customers to enhance their experience with us; one of these is Loyalty Cards for our returning customers. What this card will give you is a bag of goodies selected by us for you after your 5th visit; after your 10th visit we will provide you with 3 grams of your choice of strains with a minimum spend of 1000 baht, so if you want to be a part of this promotion, visit us at our stores. 


At Siam Green Cannabis Co., we are passionate about giving the best customer experience, but importantly, we are passionate about cannabis and being able to provide the best of the world of cannabis to the wider community. We recently brought our passion with us to the sunny paradise of Koh Samui. From our premium selection of flowers to CBD products, we have a team of highly knowledgeable staff that is ready to welcome our customers with open arms and inviting smiles. One of the main reasons why you should visit us is for the overall experience we want to give you; we want our customers to experience service like no other; budtenders at Siam Green are able to provide answers to every query any of our customers may have as well as assist customers with finding the right string that suits the customer’s needs. The flowers at the Samui branch undergo the same selection process as our other branches, assuring our customers are purchasing premium quality flowers from potency to the overall smoking experience. 

Koh Samui is an island paradise with the tropical sun giving visitors a warm welcome, and for us, there is nothing more ideal than sparking a joint on the beach while enjoying a cold drink and the island sunshine. If you ever find yourself on our side of the island and want some premium-quality flowers to enhance your relaxation under the sun, you are more than welcome to step inside our store and let our staff point you in the right direction for the right strain, maybe a few grams of the sweet tasting Mimosa to compliment the drink you may be having with you on the beach after all Koh Samui is an ideal location for the beach, island sunshine, and the calm yet lively island vibes perfect for sparking a joint and submerging yourself with the whole island experience.

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