Royal Purple

Royal Purple

Royal Purple weed strain is a dynamic Thai landrace sativa bred by Barkuna Cannabis. This vibrant strain delivers a burst of alertness and energy, invigorating the mind and body. It is ideal for those seeking a boost in focus and vitality. Due to its Thai landrace lineage, this genetic has incredibly vibrant purples. This genetic is perfect for hiking and playing sports. Barkuna recommends this for any beginner smoker.

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Royal Purple Genetics

Royal Purple’s parents are OG Kush Breath × Blue Sherbert x Purple Thai

Royal Purple Cannabinoids

Depending on the phenotype

THC content:


CBD content:

ranging from 0% to 0.5%

MEB content:

about 1%

Royal Purple cultivar

Royal Purple is a sativa-dominant cultivar

Royal Purple Terpene Profile

Dominant terpene:


Other terpenes:


Royal Purple Aroma

Earthy with hints of grape

Royal Purple Flavors

Earthy, slightly fruity 

Royal Purple Positive Effects

Alertness, focus, energizing effects.

Royal Purple Negative Effects:

Dry mouth, paranoia

Royal Purple Medical Uses:

Depression, fatigue

Royal Purple Non-medical or recreational use:

Lack of focus and energy

History of Royal Purple:

Royal Purple is a sativa dominant genetic bred by Barkuna Cannabis.


In conclusion, Royal Purple, a lively Thai landrace sativa crafted by Barkuna Cannabis, offers a refreshing burst of alertness and energy. Ideal for boosting focus and vitality, this strain’s vibrant purple tones, inherited from its Thai lineage, add to its appeal. Perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and sports, Barkuna suggests Royal Purple for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike, promising a revitalizing experience for all.

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