MAC 1 weed strain is a rare strain that is sought after for its potent and well-rounded effects and can be difficult to cultivate. It delivers a euphoric and uplifting experience coupled with relaxation, making it popular for reducing stress and pain. It’s beautiful buds are covered in milky trichomes, and can be enjoyed day or night.

MAC #1 Genetics Alien Cookies F2 and Miracle 15
MAC #1 Cannabinoids THC: 22-24% CBD: 0.5-1%
MAC #1 Dominant terpene Limonene
MAC #1 Terpenes Pinene, Caryophyllene
MAC #1 Aroma Earthy, pine, pepper
MAC #1 Flavors Creamy, peppery and earthy
MAC #1 Positive Effects Happy, uplifting effects. Both body and head high
MAC #1 Negative effects Dry mouth, paranoia
MAC #1 Medical use Stress, anxiety, or depression, and  to ease your muscle soreness and inflammation
MAC #1 Non-medical or recreational use Uplifting and Euphoric effects that make you feel stress free


In conclusion, MAC #1 is a prestigious cannabis strain cherished for its exceptional qualities. Crafted from Alien Cookies F2 and Miracle 15, Mac 1 delivers potent euphoria with just one hit. Its light-green buds covered in milky trichomes offer a delightful blend of citrus flavors with hints of pine and pepper. Praised for its uplifting effects, Mac 1 is a popular choice for reducing stress, anxiety, and post-workout muscle discomfort.

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