What is Terpinolene Terpene? Benefits, Effects, Cannabis Strains

Key Takeaways

  • Terpinolene or TPO only presents in small amounts in cannabis plants.
  • It smells and tastes fresh and pine-like with a hint of sweetness.
  • It hosts plenty of clinical advantages such as being a painkiller, anti-anxiety, antibacterial, and wound healing.
  • Although terpinolene is reported safe for humans, some people might encounter inflammation and wounds when exposed to high concentrations of terpinolene.
  • High-terpinolene in cannabis strains, without limitation, are Grape Stank, Harlequin CBD, and Golden Pineapple.


Welcome to the sixth article of our cannabis terpenes series. In today’s post, I am going to introduce you to terpinolene terpene and break down what it is, its scent and flavor, its therapeutic benefits along the cannabis strains with high terpinolene.

Keep reading if you’re ready to see what else we can learn about this rare and special terpene.

What’s Terpinolene Terpene?

Terpinolene, sometimes called ‘TPO’, is usually found in small amounts within many cannabis strains and can also be found in plants and herbs such as cumin, rosemary, lilac, sage, and nutmeg. Cannabis strains rich in terpinolene usually provide an energetic effect to the consumer, however, when combined with other terpenes such as myrcene, linalool, or humulene tend to be more sedative.

Terpinolene is also known as delta-terpinene as well as alpha- and gamma-terpinene.

The Smell and Taste of Terpinolene

The aroma of terpinolene is more complex compared to other terpenes. As we discussed in our previous articles, Limonene smells citrusy like lemon. Pinene hosts a fragrance reminiscent of pine trees and conifer trees, and linalool smells like lavender! Terpinolene is known for its fresh, floral, and pine-like scent with a bit of sweet flavor which is why terpinolene tends to be used in products like insect repellant, perfume, soap, and flavoring agents in the food industry. It is also used for manufacturing plastics and resins.

Medicinal Efficacy of Terpinolene

  • Painkiller

Terpinolene contained within oils is likely to have anti-inflammatory properties. Gamma-terpinene has shown results in stopping pain and inflammation, particularly in animal models such as mice. Although more studies need to be done on humans to confirm these findings, it is still suggested that terpinolene works together with other terpenes and cannabinoids for pain relief properties through entourage effects.

  • Anti-Anxiety

Researchers have found the terpinolene effect on mice models, it offers a sedative effect after inhaling fragrance compounds and essential oils containing terpinolene terpene. Due to that, there’s a high possibility that it can treat individuals suffering from anxiety and insomnia.

  • Antibacterial

One study provides a piece of evidence that terpinolene may have potent antibacterial properties as it mentioned that oils with terpinolene can stop the growth of bacteria in the human gastrointestinal system.

  • Wound Healing 

Within a vitro study, researchers have given some details about the anti-inflammatory activity and the potential to heal the wound by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation of terpinolene.

Terpinolene Health Risks and Side Effects

While terpinolene is considered safe for humans, please keep in mind that there are still a few risks when it comes to the use of terpinolene. The individuals may experience blisters, inflammation, and kidney pain when exposed to extremely high concentrations or doses of this terpene. 

Terpinolene in Cannabis Strains

  • Grape Stank – Grape Stank was made from a blend of Garlic Grove and Grape Gasoline which holds the smell behind the citrus, gas, berries, and grape odor. It also won two awards from the 2023 Oregon Leaf Bowl.
  • Harlequin CBD – The strain comes from a combination of Colombian Gold, Nepali Indica, Thai, and Swiss, and offers the benefits of relaxing, focusing, and elevating your mood. Harlequin CBD attracts the attention of those who seek healthcare and self-care.
  • Golden Pineapple – A hybrid mix of Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush with a fruity flavor. It offers energetic effects, boosts your creativity, and allows you to escape stress and anxiety.
  • Kush Mountains – Also known as “Kush Mtn.,” a strain from a genetic cross between White Walkker Kush and Blue Flame. This strain is used for the treatment of those with chronic stress, depression, and appetite loss.
  • J1 – This strain comes with a variation of its name such as ‘Jack One’ and ‘Jack 1’. The parents are the two famous strains, Skunk #1 and Jack Herer. J1 is best known for being clear-headed and enhancing a spark for creativity.


Terpinolene can be discovered in a small amount in cannabis plants. This terpene provides an energizing effect and is generally found in lilac, sage, and nutmeg. Thanks to its sweet and fresh smell, it is widely used in personal products such as perfumes and soap, the food industry, and manufacturing plastics and resins.

This terpene comes with medicinal properties including antibacterial, anti-anxiety, and the ability to heal wounds and stop pain. However, there are some cautious you need to be aware of as one might be allergic to terpinolene and may experience inflammation. Cannabis strains with high levels of terpinolene that you can find on our website are Grape Stank and Harlequin CBD. Other terpinolene strains also include J1, Kush Mountains, and Golden Pineapple.

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