What is Pinene Terpene: Uses, Benefits, Effects, Cannabis Strains

Key Takeaways

  • Pinene has some kind of connection with pine trees by the evidence within its name. It’s a clear liquid extracted from the plants and gives a foresty fragrance.
  • Pinene terpene can be classified into two types which are alpha- and beta-pinene.
  • Over the centuries, pinned was made to be a traditional herbal medicine with some of its properties being anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective.
  • Here are some of the cannabis strains that hold high levels of pinene: OG Kush, Blue Dream, and Dutch Treat.


Hello to the experienced users and the newbies! Here’s another episode of our cannabis terpenes. Please bear with me, I know it’s a lot of information. That’s why I’m here to help you.

This article will expose you to another type of terpene, commonly found within cannabis plants, pinene terpene. 

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Getting to Know Pinene Terpene

Pinene (pronounced pie-neen), you saw it right, there’s ‘pine’ in pinene meaning there’s an association with pine trees as its fragrance holds its similarity within pine trees and conifer trees. Pinene terpene is another common variation of terpenes found in almost every plant worldwide, in this case, it’s abundantly found in many cannabis strains. It’s a colorless and transparent liquid extracted from the plants offering a woodsy odor.

Types of Pinene

The researcher has differentiated pinene terpene into two types which are alpha-pinene (α-pinene) and beta-pinene (β-pinene). These two have a slight distinction as the alpha-pinene is water soluble and conversely, the beta-pinene is not. Let’s see more details about them!

  • Alpha-Pinene

Normally, alpha-pinene is responsible for an iconic pine needle scent. It’s best known for its anti-inflammatory properties and as a tool to battle memory impairments. Plants with high alpha-pinene are rosemary, basil, eucalyptus, and even some citrus fruits.

  • Beta-Pinene

Beta-pinene is known for its complex smell reminding you of fresh woody, piney, spicy aromatic, and even herbal scents like dill, basil, hop, and parsley. It is also often used for flavoring and enhancing aroma. What’s more, beta-pinene is known for providing its medical properties which is pain relief.

Health Benefits, Effects & Uses of Pinene

The alpha-pinene, a predominantly type of cannabis, is prominent in providing the most therapeutic benefits. It has been used as traditional herbal medicine for hundreds of years and can be used in several fields, for example, in China, it was used as a medicine to treat asthma. Well, there are more pinene benefits to learn about. Check this out!

  • Anti-inflammatory

Plant-based essential oils with pinene are known to have the potential to reduce inflammation. One academic study in 2015 found that pinene has shown its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory in animal cells. Similar results were found in another study in 2018, pinene can protect and prevent damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet light (UV light).

  • Antimicrobial

Pinene terpene has been brought up for further study by researchers, antimicrobial is included. According to a 2012 study, the researchers found that pinene has the potential to stop and fight the cells that can cause danger to our body.

  • Antidepressant

Many people with depression are using cannabis as a way to elevate their mood. When paired with pinene with limonene, it can give you an effect similar to the antidepressant medications. However, it may worsen the anxiety for those who are sensitive.

  • Respiratory System 

For patients who suffer from asthma or any respiratory conditions, pinene works as a bronchodilator which helps clear your airways to make it easier to breathe. As stated in a 2011 research, pinene is able to fight the infectious bronchitis virus within animals.

  • Neuroprotective

Pinene terpene helps you improve your sleep quality and protect your brain cells as poor sleep quality can lead your brain cells to oxidative damage which may finally lead to worse conditions such as strokes and heart attacks, or memory loss conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Cannabis Strains With High Pinene

Pinene is a common terpene in cannabis. If you’re on the hunt for rich pinene cannabis strains, here are some of them that might satisfy you:

It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a crossing between Blueberry and Haze. This strain gained popularity by balancing its flavor and effects such as the cerebral effects and body relaxation.

The history behind this strain’s unique name is from the famous cannabis activist and author, Jack Herer. Experienced users have reported the feelings after consuming to be energizing effects and euphoria. Jack Herer is desired among users who want to uplift their productivity and creativity due to its relaxing and focused capability.

Dutch Treat is an Amsterdam-originated Indica-dominant hybrid. This strain gives a calming and soothing effect and those with ADHD, PTSD, and migraines tend to consume this cannabis strain.

OG Kush is an extremely strong strain with a three-way cross between Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, and Chemdawg. It can lead you to a couch-lock state if consumed in higher doses. OG kush affects the human cerebral into the euphoric state which enhances mood and helps with insomnia.


Pinene is another type of terpene that is commonly found in cannabis plants. When extracted from the plants, it gives a clear liquid with the scent of fresh pine trees. With its two distinctive varieties, alpha- and beta-pinene, it holds plenty of useful properties. It can be something very well known like anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator. Some of the cannabis strains that are rich in pinene terpene include, without limitation, Blue Dream, Jack Herer, Dutch Treat, and OG Kush.

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