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If you haven’t been to Siam Green yet, you’re missing out. Siam Green Cannabis Co., est 2022 has been developing a slick swagger when it comes to the Thai Cannabis industry. Here in Thailand, we have quite literally the full spectrum of cannabis consumption and culture. From outdoor flowers prepared for the budget consumer with minimal retail experience to the refined example of Siam Green providing the highest quality flower and hospitality possible. They also serve a wide array of CBD and wellness products as well as a hit apparel line. This article will be an in-depth exploration of the Siam Green experience. We’ll look at their core values, what products they have to offer, and what exciting things they have planned for the future.

Siam Green Cannabis Co. opened its first branch by BTS Phrom Pong in the heart of downtown Bangkok in January 2023. It has remained their flagship store and their HQ with a private lounge and a restaurant above. Then after developing their brand identity and solidifying a loyal customer base, they were able to open their second store between BTS Nana and BTS Asok in September 2023. The interior design and standard of hospitality were made sure to be passed over to the next store.

We can see this brand consistency with their store just off Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui, which opened in November 2023. They simultaneously cater to the island lifestyle and uphold their high standards of produce and customer service. Keep up to date with Siam Greens as they expand even more! Their next store will be in Chinatown and will surely bring the iconic Siam Green experience to that special part of town.

High Standards at Siam Green Cannabis Co

Siam Green Cannabis Co. prides itself on its high standards in cannabis professionalism. All their staff are formally educated on cannabis, and they work very hard to achieve the perfect retail experience for all customers. They can give you personalized advice on the consumption of cannabis, lifestyle, and wellness involving cannabis, and will even help you choose the T-shirt or hat that fits your style the best.

If you are brand new to cannabis, then the Siam Green staff will provide you with all the information you need to feel safe and continue to look after you during your experience, and you will want to come back. Being a Siam Green regular feels extra special because all this care and attention stacks up every time you visit. It’s not long before customers and budtenders are on a first-name basis, and your favorite strains and favorite way to smoke are anticipated and prepared for.

Quality Control

The quality of flowers is also top tier as they have one of the strictest selection processes for their stock. Their resident bud tending expert quality controls each batch for things like impurities, evidence of the use of chemicals, and the quality of the cure. After stocking up, Siam Green Cannabis Co stores their bud, in every store, in custom-made humidity and temperature-controlled units. These units not only protect against mold, they can actually increase the flavor and the potency of the flower. This is because it is the ideal condition for the cannabinoids to remain as stable as possible to provide the best possible flavors.

Notable Strains

The cultivar selection is also very carefully crafted. One of the favorites is the Siam Green Cannabis Co exclusive from Barkuna Farms: Watermelon Cream Soda, which is a hybrid offering the best of indica and sativa strains. It has a balanced experience that keeps you feeling optimistic and clear-headed while also providing a sense of calm and collected relaxation.

Another very well-loved cultivar is Permanent Marker. A very potent strain that brings a strong high with relaxing, sleepy effects. Its rich, floral, earthy, and grassy aromas set the stage for a blissful journey into munchies and an easier, deeper sleep.

Charlotte’s Webb CBD is also stocked at Siam Green. It is a special high CBD, non-psychoactive strain that gives a strong relaxing experience and can help relieve pain. Catering for all needs is a standard Siam Green strongly upholds.

Watermelon Cream Soda
Permanent Maker
Charlotte’s Webb CBD Flower

Cannabis and holistic wellness

Siam Green Cannabis Co. is a very strong advocate of cannabis for wellness. Being in their stores feels like they want you to live a relaxed, happy, and healthy life. The CBD and other plant medicine products they offer are designed to help in a variety of ways: Sleeping aids, skin care, mental clarity supplements, massage oil, and aromatherapy. There are also CBD gummies, chocolates, drinks,  and other locally produced beverages in their fridges.

A notable up-and-coming edible brand is Auntie Aloha fruit THC gummies. They are produced in Thailand, are very delicious, and provide a lovely mellow high when taking the recommended dose. There is also now French-pressed coffee available, which is difficult to find in Bangkok!

All branches of Siam Green Cannabis Co. give you the classic ‘Siam Green’ experience. Slick, refined interior design, the same familiar edibles and oils, and, of course, the happy smiling staff dressed in the funky Siam Green apparel used as uniforms. Each branch has a welcoming and abundant shop front with a private lounge upstairs. There is always space and time to converse, to browse the products, or to relax and contemplate with a little smoke. You are invited to be yourself,  unload the stress of the day, and sink into the chill supportive atmosphere the company carefully crafts.

Nana Branch
Phrom Phong Lounge

Customer Benefits

Siam Green Cannabis Co. loves its customers so much that it also offers a loyalty card to any returning customer. The card gives you an awesome goodie bag on your 5th visit and 3 grams of a strain of your choice on your tenth visit with a minimum spend of ฿1000. So remember to pick yours up!

Siam Green also partners with Cannabox for safe, high-quality weed delivery services. If you’re in the Bangkok area your weed should arrive in around 35 minutes. All you need to do is order online and share your ID!

Customer Opinions

The reputation of Siam Green Cannabis Co. has been building and building since its establishment in 2022. There is a very respectable in-industry reputation, confirmed by the article: Top 14 Weed Shops in Bangkok which is the top clicked Thai dispensary article online. The customers also seem to agree as there are a vast amount of praising reviews online. Here Eunice explains how much she loves the place:

“Siam Green is our fave dispensary in BKK! The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, they share their product knowledge nicely! They speak English well here also! Highly recommended!”

Siam Green Cannabis Co being someone’s ‘favorite dispensary’ is a very common thing to see in their online threads and is a testament to their efforts. Evan goes into more detail in his account:

“Upon my recent visit to the local cannabis shop, I was thoroughly impressed by both the quality of their products and the professionalism of their staff. The variety of options was outstanding, and each item seemed to be of superior quality. What truly set this shop apart was the helpfulness and knowledge of the staff. They were eager to answer any questions, making recommendations based on my preferences and needs. Their expertise made my experience not only enjoyable but also informative. I left feeling satisfied and well-informed. Highly recommended for anyone seeking quality cannabis products and friendly expert service!”

Service to Industry

This sort of reputation among customers can only be achieved through hard work, determination, and rock-solid confidence in your beliefs. When these beliefs align with public health and happiness, strength can only build. Providing stable professionalism in the Thai cannabis industry, in my view, has a profound effect on public health. Education of staff with formalized values and knowledge is a major driving force of this public service. Siam Green strongly supports and advises on the safe and beneficial use of cannabis through its constant vigilance on their customer experience and business relationships in order to be as responsible as possible. 

People who are new to cannabis or a method of consumption will be provided with the information they need to stay and feel safe, all while experienced consumers’ needs are never forgotten. For example, appropriate dosages of edibles are always discussed with the customer due to the varying effects they can have on different people’s metabolisms and tolerances. This information is very important because incorrect doses of edibles can cause discomfort to the consumer. All this support and education is given with a smile and in style giving Siam Green a warm and inviting feeling, whichever store you visit.

Siam Green Cannabis Co. is also a great participant in the cannabis community in Thailand as a whole.  Their COO, Gaurav Sehgal has been a voice of reason and professionalism in events and media in the Bangkok weed scene. With his experience in social enterprises, his collectivist business mindset paves a strong path for the reputation of Thai cannabis. Sehgal is pictured here speaking at the Cannabox event: Supply Chain & Supply Network Strategies: Balancing Control and Collaboration in September 2023. He was very outspoken about the importance of safety and respect for the plant and one another in this very precious industry.

Conclusions and next

The range of companies that Siam Green works with is just as fruitful as their cultivars. From CBD balm to plant based beverages, their stores have a beautiful display of the entrepreneurial talent that this industry has to offer. The level of development across the whole country in under two years is very impressive and it is epitomized in Siam Green. If you’re looking for intellectual authority in Thai cannabis retail, look no further.

Siam Green Cannabis Co is definitely not slowing down. With more stores opening in Bangkok soon, there will be more cool places to get your familiar, safe space to light up. Learn more about them at, and check the vibes @siamgreenco on Instagram. Nothing beats going in for yourself and having a cannabis experience you only thought was possible in Amsterdam or California. Siam Green Co is a very strong brand in a very new industry; their attention to detail, customer service, duty of care, and top-quality products make Siam Green arguably, the best weed shop in Bangkok.

Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait to see you at one of our stores in Thailand, where the good times always roll! Also, check out the article about our store written by Cannabox Town Hall.

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